Lace up your skates and strap on those wheels!
Whirl, twirl, glide and groove to the pumping rhythm of your favorite beats. Whether you’re a beginner just learning to cruise or an old timer with serious moves; you will surely feel welcome here in our community on wheels.

With a capacity to hold over 500 people, our rink has more than enough space for you to hone your moves, pass on some tips or pick up new tricks. Not only is it family-friendly fun for anyone at any age, it’s also a great workout!

Hours & Rates

(Skating Prices for Activates)

No admission during the 30 min before closing
$8 cover charge per person

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Special Events in the Rink

If you are looking for ways to spice up your events, you may also consider using our rink as your venue. With a capacity for 1200 people, we welcome reservations for a variety of non-skating related events.

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