Host Fundraising Events at Metro Fun Center

Sign your Atlanta area non-profit up to earn extra money this school year with fun, family-friendly fundraisers at Metro Fun Center! With a variety of activities and a low participation fee, our fundraisers can benefit schools of all ages and sizes.

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Start Fundraising for Your Atlanta Area Non profit

Fundraisers are a great way to earn extra money for any non-profit, for example school or churches. Books, uniforms, class trips, and other supplies can get costly and are very important for a successful operations.

Fundraisers at Metro Fun Center in Atlanta can be held Monday – Friday to ensure everyone’s week includes some fun and funds. For your non profit to receive a donation, a minimum of 50 people must attend your fundraiser.

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Non Profit Fundraiser Payout

Metro Fun Center Fundraiser Registration for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

In order for your non profit to receive a donation, you must have at least 50 guests. Each guest will be charged a minimum of $7.00 which includes skate rental and bowling shoes. If a guest wants to participate in more than one activity, their donation fee will increase.

Below is a list of admission fees and donation fees:

How to Promote Your Atlanta Non Profit Fundraiser

Metro Fun Center wants to reward your students, members, teachers, staff, and organizatioin for fundraising with us! We offer great incentives, including:


Spread the word!

Make sure your non profit is promoting the skate night fundraiser on all social channels including email, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. 

Sell tickets

Metro Fun Center can provide you with pre-sold tickets to sell to members and staff prior to the event. Once someone has purchased a ticket, they are more likely to attend, so make sure it is convenient for participants to purchase tickets.

Post flyers and posters

Hang flyers and posters throughout the organization – in classrooms, gyms, offices, hallways, etc. – to get kids interested and talking about the even to their parents. These visual reminders will increase turnout as well as participation.


Send reminders

Print out reminders and send them home with children during the days and weeks leading up to the fundraiser. The reminders should be friendly and inviting, with the date and time included in big, bold letters for parents to see.

Incentives for Hosting a Fundraiser at Metro Fun Center in Atlanta

Metro Fun Center wants to reward your students, teachers, and school for fundraising with us! We offer great incentives, including:

Free Parties

Every quarter, one class in each grade at your school will receive a free party.

Your organizatioin  will receive a free bowling party at Metro Fun Center, available to use during the week.


Non Profits can earn half off passes to Metro Fun Center activities like bowling and skating just for participating in a fundraiser.

Special Gifts

If your organization brings in over 100 people to your fundraiser at Metro Fun Center, there will be a raffle for a brand-new pair of skates!

Increase Parent

Turnout for PTA Events

If you’re looking to increase the parent turnout for PTA events, Metro Fun Center is the ideal location.

Schools are offered a meeting space to hold their PTA Meetings.

Kids can enjoy free food and skating during the meetings.

Plan Your Atlanta Non Profit Fundraiser at Metro Fun Center

Add some fun to your week by hosting your non profit fundraiser at Metro Fun Center. Sign your school up for fun, family-friendly fundraisers year-round. With our variety of activities, like bowling, skating, inflatables, laser tag, and more, families of all ages can get involved!